Color Consulting  

What's Included: It's amazing what a little color can do to transform a room! Reinvent your space with paint. We provide interior and exterior color consultations. We'll create a custom color palette for one room, or create a whole home scheme that will flow from one room to the next. Even if you're not ready to paint the whole house, a color consultation gives you the inspiration and a set plan which allows you to add color in your own time frame.

Price: Varies $75 - $100/hour (1 hour minimum, 3 hour maximum)

Home Staging

What's Included: In today’s housing market, your home needs to make a great first impression to ensure a faster sale. A partnership with Fauxnatic About Color will help you prepare your home for the market and create inviting interiors that will stand out from the competition. Fauxnatic About Color will assess your home and its staging needs for a fast and successful home sale. We will work with you and your budget to transform each room for a faster, more profitable sale!

Price: Varies (Contact us for pricing)

Interior Styling

What's Included:  Let Fauxnatic About Color help bring the finishing touches to a room with our styling services. We'll meet at your home for the initial in-home consultation. During this consultation, we'll walk through the room(s) you wish to style, discuss your design goals, define your personal style, and create a design plan based on your budget and time frame. Once a scope of work contract is approve your room styling can begin! 

Price: $100 for initial in-home consultation (one hour). After the initial in-home consult, project fee varies.

One-day Makeover: Fauxnatic About Color also offers quick one-day makeovers. Sometimes it just takes an outside eye to reinvent a space. We'll use what you already have and restyle your space in just one day.

Price: $825 one-day styling fee (up to 8 hours)

Personal Shopping

What's Included: Ever wish you could have an interior stylist at your side when you're shopping for that perfect accessory? Or wanted a second opinion to help you select flooring, furnishings, window coverings or lighting? Let Fauxnatic About Color help you shop!  We can shop together at showrooms and stores or we can source items and do the shopping for you! We'll shop for accessories and furnishings based on your budget and personal style.

Price: $75/hour plus the cost of items purchased


What's Included:  We will work together online through email. eDesign is a great option for people who a want designer's skill and know-how without hiring a company for on-site styling. Each eDesign is completely individualized and created to fit your budget, space and style. This is a great option for people who need some inspiration but want to implement the design plan on their own. For more information on our eDesign services, please refer to our eDesign page

Price: Visit our eDesign  page for specific pricing

Design Blocks

Design Blocks are blocks of time that can be purchased by clients who are utilizing our interior styling services and have met with us for the initial in-home consultation. This is a great option for budget-minded clients who have set a budget for themselves and would rather purchase our styling services this way. Design Blocks are purchased in advance for a 10% discount (with a minimum of a 10 hour block).

Styling projects can range from 10-40 hours depending on the size and number of the rooms being styled and how much you would like Fauxnatic About Color to be involved. Design blocks are available in increments of 10 hours.

Price: $67.50/hour (minimum of 10 hours $675) 

*Design blocks are only available to clients who have met with us for an initial in-home consultation. As your project progresses, Fauxnatic About Color will keep track of design time, planning and research, shopping, consulting time with clients, styling and accessorizing. Clients will receive a weekly email with an update of how many hours were used out of your block(s) for that week. We will notify you when all hours have been used.